Anonymous Proxy

An anonymous proxy is a piece of software that protects web browsers? privacy and anonymity from web site operators, Internet snoops, and even unfriendly governments.

The anonymous proxy software resides on a proxy server. The web browser connects to the proxy server and the proxy server connects to the web server.

The web server does not know who the user is, it only knows who the proxy server is. The proxy server does know who the user is,? so he/she had better choose a trustworthy proxy server.

Features to Look for in an Anonymous Proxy

A good web proxy allows users to setup a TLS or SSL tunnel. This prevents packet sniffers from eavesdropping on users while they surf anonymously.

Some anonymous proxy servers support FTP, while others only support HTTP. Better anonymous proxy servers also support HTTPS. Make sure to select an anonymous proxy server that supports the desired protocols.

In addition to hiding the user?s >IP address, an anonymous proxy server typically removes traffic such as:

  • Cookies
  • Pop-ups
  • Banners
  • Scripts
  • Referrer information

These options should be configurable by the end-user to enable the proxy server to work with web sites that require cookies or pop-ups.

Anonymous Proxy Servers

Here is a list of currently active anonymous proxy sites.