Bypass Websense

The Concept of “Websensing”

Whenever a user attempts to access a specific website, a request is produced and is forwarded through a firewall. Websense checks this request and allows access if the requested URL is in the database of the software. Websense relies on the fact that the firewall will pass the request in a single time. If the whole request is not forwarded at one time, the software would not allow the packet to pass, as the packet does not seem like an HTTP request.

While Websense is helpful in filtering access to certain websites, it can also be bypassed to visit popular websites.

Bypassing Websense Through a Web Proxy

One simple method employed to bypass Websense is the use of Web-based proxy sites. With a proxy, Websense would think you are browsing on the Web proxy and not on the website you are actually browsing. The reason why these proxies can bypass the software is the ‘S’ in the HTTP address (https://). The ‘S’ signifies secure connection and the software does not block such secured sites. Using Web proxies is the easiest way to bypass Websense as it takes just a little time.

Here are the steps to bypass Websense through a Web proxy:

1. Find a proxy site. You can access the proxy site, and then access the restricted site through the proxy. You can otherwise use a program called vpntunnel to run programs like games and BitTorrent.

2. Once you are able to access a proxy site, key in the URL that you want to visit in the space provided for in the proxy site. If you are using vpntunnel, install and log in with the program.

Since Websense updates the list of blocked proxies from time to time, you should join a mailing list to be updated on which proxies are already blocked by Websense.

Bypassing Websense Through HTTP Tunneling

Another way to bypass Websense is through HTTP Tunneling programs that work well in bypassing Websense. Most of these programs have options to delete the user’s history of Internet-related activities on Windows. With HTTP Tunneling programs, you are ensured of comfort and security with your activities on the Internet. You can also spoof the information on your Web browser to help prevent hacking activities. You can download HTTP Tunneling programs from the Internet. Downloading these programs is easy and inexpensive.