Why Run a Free Proxy?

Proxies are easy to advertise and hence do not involve financial issues. Within a week, you could be earning at least $10+ USD daily. However, you will also have to pay for a server that allows proxies to run on them, and using a shared host is not the answer since the host will go down within days. When you are attempting to manage traffic to your proxy, you can also get a spectacular amount compared to any other ordinary website.

Getting Started with a Proxy

It is important to invest some money to get a proxy up and running, before you could expect it to fetch you monetary returns. The upside is that you will almost instantly be able to gain back the money you spend; you can earn up to 30 times the server costs in Google AdSense revenue. It is possible to earn a lot more, though less likely for one that is just starting out.

The resources that are needed to run a proxy are:

  • A Domain Name
  • A Virtual Private Server
  • A Proxy Script (Usually Glype or PHProxy)
  • An AdSense + AdBrite Account (AdSense and AdBrite). These are optional for you.

Step One: Purchase a .info (or any other extension) domain name. It is recommended that you do not include the words ?proxy? or ?proxies? in the domain name; most filters will automatically block it out.

Step Two: Purchase a Virtual Private Server and use your newly registered domain as the Primary Domain on the account.

Step Three: Download a proxy script. Upload the script that you just downloaded, onto your VPS and make the necessary configurations.

Step Four: Register for an account at AdSense and AdBrite if you have not already done so.

Step Five: Insert AdSense on the index page of your website. Do not insert AdSense on any of the proxified pages; this is against AdSense?s terms/conditions. Insert AdBrite on the proxified pages.

Step Six: Advertise, advertise, advertise! See the next section for more information.

Advertising a Proxy

This is the most important step to ensuring revenue from your proxy; if the continuation of this step is not concluded, your site will move nowhere. It is a simple step to complete, but will probably take at least 3 days before your newly developed proxy will hit the road. This is the time it will take for most proxy top sites to accept your proxy.

Top Sites

Top Sites are the easiest means to quickly direct traffic to your proxy; unfortunately, they require confirmation from the website administrator. It is possible that your proxy may not be accepted.

  • Proxy Sites ? TopBits? very own Top Site; we will broadcast as much traffic as we virtually can to your proxy.
  • GWait (previously known as Goodwaiter) ? This is the key solution to gaining traffic to almost any proxy; the administrator will accept/decline your proxy within 24 hours. If you do not get accepted into Good Waiter, it is unlikely that you will earn fair amounts of ad revenue unless you pay for a listing.
  • Proxy.org ? Proxy.Org is a very famous Top Site; Proxy.Org will not direct much traffic due to the heavy listings at the site. They are not filtered as much as Good Waiter.
  • @ Proxy ? This is another high volume proxy list.

MySpace Bulletins

Often, proxies are used to visit MySpace anonymously at school or work. If you wish to direct MySpace users to your proxy, try creating a bulletin for all of your friends. The more friends you have at MySpace, the further your bulletin will go. You could try using some MySpace friend trains to generate more friends.

Now that you have created a proxy, you will simply need to wait for some time to generate some ad revenue. Be sure to place a link back to TopBits and any of the other resources used in this article if they/we have successfully managed to help you.